Badger Electric is a leader in fiber optic cable services, design, construction, maintenance, systems testing and repair. We use state-of-the-art equipment to maintain your fiber optic system and insure top quality performance. Incidents of an unstable or inoperative system are costly and often can be eliminated with thorough testing and analysis. Our trained technicians have many years of experience and stay up-to-date on current industry standards and procedures.

Minimize Expenses by Utilizing Fiber Optics

The use of a Fiber Optic Network (FON) minimizes maintenance expenses because it is constructed only of Fiber-Optic cable, optical splitters and couplers. Signals transmitted on a Fiber Optic Network are not affected by electrical noise. This makes Fiber-Optics the perfect partner for electrical transmission right-of-ways. Exempt from FCC-mandated sweeps, fiber reduces operation and maintenance costs for an outside plant installations. Fiber also drives much longer loops than copper and there is no ongoing plant tuning. Additionally, the Fiber Optic Network has an estimated Interior/Exterior, LAN, WAN, and Plant life of more than 35 years. Even today, full-service broadband networks need to support bandwidth-intensive voice, video, and data applications. Whether for IP streaming video for residential consumers, Virtual Private Networking (VPN) for telecommuters, or point-to-point T1 services for businesses, only Fiber Optics can satisfy the wide-ranging needs of an entire community.

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Cable Types
• Multimode Cable
• Single Mode Cable

Connector Types
• ST
• SC
• FC
• Mini-BNC

Fiber Installation
• Outside Plant
• Backbone
• Premise

Construction Services
• Underground conduit construction
• Plowed and trenched cable
• Directional boring & pipe pushing